Hello everyone willing to establish trade cooperation

and thank you for the trust you have in us aboard. This samy we’ll want to carry out the process efficiently and reliably cooperation which will also require from you. This will allow for a long cooperation and most importantly customer satisfaction machines AGRO-LINE.


We have our own transport. Upon receipt by the client machines offer an additional discount.


With the first three purchases require 100% prepayment for future purchases give a 14-day period for payment.


With the first three purchases 10%, another 15% (with payment term negotiable additional discount) Ask: biuro@agro-line.pl


The delivery time depends on the size of the contract. In the case of machines needed urgently, please contact us at +48 502119927th When ordering one machine cover transportation costs contracting. Udzieliy any information on request to e-mail biuro@agro-line.pl